Wine, a tradition


 Manarola is a village surrounded by terraced vineyards.

The production of grapes and therefore wine was the main resource before of  1950 years. With the advent of industrialization, many people have migrated into cities and small villages of the Cinque Terre have been depopulated. The cultivation of the vine has been progressively more and more deserted except for a part that is run primarily on the passion of those villagers who have traditionally continued to make wine. In the 80's has been established an agricultural cooperative that has collected all the tenants who could produce a limited amount of wine for their use and give the grapes in excess for an reasonable price. 


 The cooperative has sophisticated equipments and produces Cinqueterre DOC wines that are also exported abroad. It 'was thus possible to support local agriculture also making investments in the territory to assist the tenants. It has therefore been made of the monorail, where trains are used to lift the transport of most of the cultivated areas.




The predominant grape variety is called the "bosco", then there are the "vermentino", "trebbiana" and the "albarola".